1 How do I ensure that the variations in the stone look nice on my floor?
2 Should I seal the stone?
3 How do I clean my travertine floor?
4 What substances can harm my marble floor?
5 Can I walk on my stone floor with high heels?
6 Should I buy filled or unfilled travertine?
7 How much waste should I allow?
8 Will travertine tiles be hot to walk on in the sun?
9 Should I buy honed or polished marble for my bathroom?
10 Why are some stones more expensive than others?
11 Why are bigger sizes more expensive?
12 Can I change the look or repair the finish of my stone?
13 Will a penetrating sealer make my floor slippery?
14 My marble floor has dull spots. Why? Can it be fixed?
15 How do I care for natural stones?
16 Why do some tiles appear to be a different colour to the rest?
17 Can you explain the difference between the various finishes on natural stone tiles?
18 Can natural stones be mixed with any other tiles or materials?
19 How do I choose which natural stone is right for me?
20 What is the quantity that can be shipped in a 20 ft container?