If you are looking for a natural stone with great strength, good looks and an elegant finish, then granite & quartzite are the stones you should opt for. Granite & Quartzite have great structural benefits as it is one of the hardest substances available and is often used in foundations, floors and walls. They are widely acknowledged for their aesthetic value and are a right fit for any residential, light commercial or even an industrial project.

Granite and quartzite remain popular surface choice in new age constructions due to thier durability and over all pleasing beauty. Fine grained granite is used for ornamental and monumental work, as well as for inscription purposes. They are ideal for fabricating counter tops, floorings, staircases, vanities and exterior landscaping. They are a maintenance free stone and can withstand years of use.

Granite &quartzite are hard igneous rock and chiefly comprise of mica, quartz and feldspar and a wide variety of minerals which give them different patterns and a wide variety of colours.

At Adishri India, we provide you with over 70 granite and quartzite patterns to choose from. There is a colour and pattern available for your every whim in our granite collection. Add to the aesthetic value of your project by picking Honed, Polished, Flamed or Antique surfaces from our Granite & Quartzite collection.